Cloud System - comfort with 5 years guarantee

It is our desire and ambition to offer you nothing but the best.
A fantastic sofa is a great centerpiece in your home. A fantastic sofa is also a great conversation starter when welcoming your friends and family in your home. A fantastic sofa is something you can be proud of – it fits perfectly and makes you happy. You have invested in a fantastic sofa and you want it to last.

Therefore we have developed Cloud System – an extraordinary seating system for selected sofas. In Cloud System seating pocket springs are combined with different carefully designed and measured layers of memory foam and HR Foam which give you the best comfort and carefree sitting experience.

What is Cloud System?
Individual springs manufactured from high tensile steel are wrapped in their own pocket of fabric (hence the name “Pocket Springs”). Unlike any other spring systems they don’t work together as one unit – the fabric pockets used to cover each spring allows them to slide up and down independently and give you the right support where it is needed the most. As the pocket springs are free to move and work on their own, the heavier person should not have an effect on the person sitting on the next seat.

Why Cloud System?

A sofa using Cloud System will last longer than a sofa with regular foam seats. Cloud seats will have better elasticity and the pocket springs will not only give better comfort but also better durability over a long period. With Cloud System you get consistent support throughout the life of the sofa.

A sofa using Cloud System will keep its form – pocket springs will help to keep your sofa looking great. Every time you get up from a pocket spring sofa all the springs expand. This helps to maintain the shape of the seat cushion.

Where Cloud System is used?
Cloud System is used in Bellus sofas with both removable and non-removable seat cushions.

Can Cloud System be even more comfortable?
In CloudPlus system we have combined pocket seating with a luxury feather layer for even more comfort and softness.

Is there any guarantee for Cloud System?
Cloud system has a 5-year spring breakage guarantee in addition to EU 2-year product warranty.

Here are some great examples of our sofas using Cloud System: