Bellus Furniture OÜ carried out a digital roadmap project in cooperation with Lean OÜ. Within the framework of the project, a strategic document of Bellus Furniture OÜ was prepared, which assessed the digitalization of Bellus Furniture OÜ’s production, the investments needed to eliminate bottlenecks, investments profitability and schedule, and the impact on the economic results of Bellus Furniture OÜ. The prepared digitization roadmap also contains the next 3-year action plan for the implementation of digitization.

The implemented project was supported by the Estonian Business and Innovation Agency through the “Digitalization roadmap support” measure.

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Situation with electricity supply is very difficult in Ukraine, power cuts happen every day. The cold weather is making it even worse.

As our contribution, we shipped two larger generator to Ukraine.

Bellus team

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In these times, we would like to express our concern to our friends in Ukraine and update on how this directly affects our colleagues at Bellus.

Bellus has 4 production units, 3 in Estonia and 1 in western Ukraine (Lviv).

For the moment the focus at our Ukrainian factory is the security and well-being of all our collegues.
Our colleagues are brave and taking it day-by-day trying to cope with the situation.
We try to keep the factory running, as long as we can, this way making our part in keeping the econimcs from collapsing in Ukraine.
We see that every individual that can take care of them selves is less burden to the help organisations coming in.

We try to support as much as possible in sending all the necessities that at this time can help in the best way we our shipments to Lviv. Of course if our collegues wishes we will try to help them come to Estonia with a warm embrace to then belong to the organization at our facilities here.

With the highest hope for best peaceful outcome.

Rolf Relander
Bellus Furniture OÜ

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Bellus took part in two large furniture and light fairs in Europe with striking new models for year 2020– IMM Cologne, the first international exhibition of the year, and Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair. Take a look our sophisticated pieces we presented in harmonious textures and colors.

A lot of visitors have taken a great interest in our products we launched in Cologne and Stockhom during these exhibition. We consider it was a success thanks to all our visitors. We hope to welcome you again soon at our next fair’s attending in Ukraine, which will be at KIFF 2020.

Please feel free to contact us at info@bellus.com, if you have further questions or in case you want more information about our products.

This year we were supported by Enterprise Estonia together with European Union European Regional Development Fund Trade fair grant in the sum of 43 448,00 EUR for IMM Cologne and 24 275,00 EUR for Stockholm Furniture and Light Fair 2020.

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