Bellus Furniture

Bellus Furnitur emphasis on equal treatment

January 21st, 2013

Principles of equal treatment and promotion of gender equality will benefit not only businesses, but also society in general. Our company produces furniture mostly for export and our customers understand the importance of gender equality and its implementation in company.

Promoting gender equality in personnel policy must be based on thorough analysis. Therefore, the study “Gender balance in Bellus Furnitur” was carried out in our company. The study gave us many valuable recommendations on how to be a responsible employer and how to promote equal treatment of men and women in business as well as in society.

The analysis was carried out by consultants Hille Hanso, Margo Peetsalu and Pirjo Turk (accredited by the Ministry of Social Affairs). Study on gender equality in Bellus Furnitur OÜ was funded by the European
Social Fund through foundation Innove.